chauvet cave paintings gallery bull and owls rhinos and the chauvet cave 36 000 32 000 years ago chauvet cave france venus and the sorcerer should be venus and the sorceress instead cave art drawn in black charcoal cave paintings sorcerer pair chauvet cave lions end chamber hanging rock of the sorcerer chauvet cave france c 32 000 30 000 bce chauvet cave abstract chauvet cave bull venus cave painting same as previous southern chauvet horses and rhino petroglyphs rock art cave art cave paintings and prehistoric trois freres engravings connections between cave paintings continents and the past cave paintings chauvet chauvet cave ardèche france dated to 30 000 to 28 000 b c once thought to house the oldest representational art the more than 1 000 paintings of a frieze of horses and rhinos near the chauvet cave s megaloceros gallery where artists may have gathered to make charcoal for drawing what an animal later paleolithic art mostly depicted herbivores but chauvet s artists often featured fierce predators image credits stephen alvarez national chauvet cave paintings 01 chauvet cave chauvet cave white engraved horse c 30 000 28 000 bce chauvet sectorofhorses what did living in the paleolithic period mean for our ancestors here s what you need to know about the lascaux cave in dordogne france gabillou sorcerer gabillou sorcerer gabillou sorcerer french cave paintings chauvet inside the cave of forgotten dreams art agenda phaidon france cave bear recess of the bears chauvet cave vallon pont d arc ardeche gorge france ca 30 000 28 000 bce greatest variety of animal depictions is in the cave cave the most accurate timeline yet of who used and when cave paintings grotte chauvet cave paintings decorated cave of pont darc known as grotte chauvet pont darc a historic photograph of the arcy sur cure cave chauvet cave paintings meaning cave bears of chauvet herzog didn t make cave of forgotten dreams to show what he can prove about paleolithic hunter gatherers those who obsess over ancient cultural output picturethis art was done by a cave man 32 000 years ago chauvet cave art paintings france stencils like these in the cave of fingers were made by placing the palm against the rock and ing mouthfuls of paint over it justin mott résultat de recherche d images pour grotte chauvet mask looming in from the right this is the sorcerer otherwise the man bison the whole ensemble is incorporated into the back half of a lion image via inch time