chauvet cave paintings gallery chauvet cave art paintings bull and 36 000 32 000 years ago chauvet cave france venus and the sorcerer should be venus and the sorceress instead cave art drawn in black charcoal cave paintings sorcerer pair chauvet cave art lions painting chauvet cave france oldest painting ever doented years venus and the sorcerer from the cave at chauvet velizar simeonovski based on the abbé breuil interpretation of the emblematic cave painting the chauvet cave art rhino horses painting detail from the panel of sixteen lions at chauvet cave france created in the last glacial period years ago lions on the wall of the chauvet cave in the ardeche southern france end chamber hanging rock of the sorcerer chauvet cave france c 32 000 30 000 bce cave paintings horses cave painting horse horses from the chauvet pont d arc chauvet cave art paintings france the second oldest known cave art in europe is in chauvet cave at least 32 000 years old the animals painted are realistic yet dreamlike incomplete chauvet cave abstract chauvet cave paintings unesco world heritage site antelope bce fourteen diffe animal species are depicted in the chauvet cave the 25 best chauvet cave ideas on lascaux cave paintings cave paintings france and cave painting chauvet cave art paintings france panel of the lions chauvet cave france circa bce chauvet cave map of the chauvet cave system replica of prehistoric rock paintings of the chauvet cave ardèche france showing animals as one would expect there are no human figures except at the very end of the t and hest gallery in the chauvet cave system where there appears 30 000 year old handprint found in chauvet cave in france the composite figure known as the sorcerer at trois freres in france 197 best prehistoric european cave painting images on rock art ancient art and caves cave paintings france cave painting of animals 40000 years ago cave painting cave and animal cave painting grotte des trois frères okres magdalenski 14 tys pne what an animal 145 best prehistoric man and his artifacts images on prehistoric prehistory and ancient aliens replica of prehistoric rock paintings of the chauvet cave ardèche france showing woolly chauvet cave paintings 01 chauvet cave cave paintings chauvet recess of the bears chauvet cave figure 11 megaloceros in cave art two reindeer cro magnon painting from font de gaume cave les