img 3051 build large powder coating oven diy powder coating oven build powder coating oven build image the link above is about the best thing i have seen for an oven build edit this one does work though lol i have to machine the ceramic piece to cover the terminals and wiring for the element i m not sure if any of you guys are interested in a powder coating oven floor frame img first attempt on diy cerakote wintermute lots of 2 thick ceramic wool refractory insulation rated to about 2700 degrees homemade powder coating oven skeleton steel studs and sheet metal img 4981 img and the final result cerakote finish is a type of durable coating powder coating oven insulation the inside of the oven mostly lined oakley frames about to be sprayed big oven for powder coating and ceramics small multi purpose oven heat element question propellant and composite post cure oven cerakote oven finishing up the powder coat this baby is huge used for 10928953 1010260198984429 7587710841066814576 o