anyone tried diy ceramic coating on headers archive el camino central forum chevrolet el camino forums name ceramiccoating004 zps6da82e15 jpg views 2123 size 105 4 kb ceramic coating stainless headers 17352301 1920885644849801 6879287826556733339 n jpg name ryanhawkinsttta004 zps8fab1d97 jpg views 2455 size 99 9 kb motorcycle ceramic exhaust paint after it cures the coating is very tough here are some pics of the coated uncured header ceramic coating stainless headers headers truck1 jpg now coating is not metal so it is not going to be perfect mirror shiney like polished metal i always say that the polished headers have a 7 8 s chrome 28 diy ceramic coating publish diy ceramic coating 6 interesting for your house ee 088 pics here s the header just bare mild steel at this point these things are beautiful and they make power randy monroe does great work name b2ddc2c1 d703 4b78 b37d 50130cef28b4 zpsf7b5c687 jpg views 2179 d i y ceramic coated headers it cures to a flat black finish almost chalky looking when it first cures but it s not powdery to the touch and the chalky look goes away after a while img 20160519 184022 jpg what s a good for ceramic coating img 20160504 145725 jpg jethot coating stainless headers headers jpg headers diy ceramic spray booth lovely do it yourself powder coating inspirationa 28 diy ceramic coating publish diy ceramic coating 17 powder 20 coated 20 piston depiction what exhaust coatings 13795zpa exhausts coating patriot exhaust exhaust headers 06 lj port matched intake manifold ceramic coated stainless steel headers this stuff works really well i used it on a lovefab sst manifold big ramhorn turbo manifold and after a few dyno pulls i could put my hand less than 5 diy ceramic coating 11 dscf pics patriot exhaust exhaust headers patriot exhaust exhaust headers diy ceramic coating exhaust manifold patriot exhaust exhaust headers dc sports 4 2 1 exhaust header dc sports 4 1 exhaust header patriot exhaust exhaust header b motorsport 4 1 holy header ceramic coated 2016 sti dc sports ceramic coated headers how to diy polyurethane engine mount exhaust header coatings i prefer to have my headers covered or coated so i had my kooks headers ceramic coated titanium i ll get out for a proper ride soon and let you all know if there s any real benefit besides the color patriot exhaust clippster exhaust headers how to paint a tile floor and what you should think about before diy ceramic coat headers diy ceramic knife molds higher temperature titanium coating on the exterior of the headers the gold color coating is what they recommend for turbo s on the heads dc sports 4 1 exhaust header dc sports race 4 2 1 exhaust header dc sports 4 2 1 exhaust header