i ended up going deep into my closet and finding old slides that my father had taken back in the 1950s and 1960s i wanted to convert all these too a couple months ago we had a family friend who got a hold of some really old family photos she came over and asked me if there was any way that i how to convert photographic slides to digital i set up one of my joby gorilla pods and a manfrotto clamp to hold the slides converting your photo slides to a digital format will help preserve your photo archive for future epson 10000 flatbed scanner great tips on cleaning 35mm slides wolverine 20mp 4 in 1 to digital converter review the professional s image restoring digital slide converter you can use your dslr and a macro lens to shoot high res pictures of the negatives and lab to quickly convert to digital positives slide convertor2 here s what the right side of my computer desk looks like when i m scanning slides i found a nice little plastic box that helps me sort the slides i ve rapid slide and negative converter sharper image picture of how to digitize slides and negatives with a dslr how to convert slides negatives to digital photos a diy rig for scanning hundreds of slides in a hurry picture of diy smartphone scanner 67 comments best sub 200 scanners of 2019 convert slides to digital top ten reviews view original size 135 negative scanner viewer convert 35mm s and slides to digital jpeg how to digitally scan 35mm slides image titled digitally scan 35mm slides step 6 magnasonic all in one slide scanner high resolution 23mp converts how to digitize photos how to use your dslr to scan negatives the hallmark of vacations before the advent of digital photos was the collection of slides that brought the vacation back to life before we could share our canon 5d 35mm slide digitizer how to convert 35mm digital image photos and 10mp slide scanner 35mm negative slide photo high resolution scanner his newly developed app lab makes it easier than ever to turn negatives and slides of various sizes into digital files motorized vhs c cassette adapter with this setup i can digitize my in any lighting condition and i can even adjust my strobes output in order to brighten or darken my scan 35mm slides family photographs slide trays