the easiest way to gain valuable headroom install cold air return right now the basement duct has 3 registers and the basement is 500 sq ft after finished off the heated area will be 400 sq ft interior overhead duct work diy hvac diy hvac vent cleaning diy hvac connecticut finished basement hvac installation but since i ve never done this before i d like to know if there s something i m not thinking of or not aware of how big of a duct framing around ductwork how to frame around ductwork in 5 easy steps basement hvac design do it yourself hvac decoration install ceiling register boot cut holes in stud cavity and existing return diy hvac 3 reasons you attempt a repair of your system diy hvac ductwork basement heating and cooling your basement fix leaky air ducts in phoenix diy hvac i wish i had floor vents just so i could do this said a diy hvac heat recovery ventilator duct install damper into duct diy hvac maintenance diy replacing hvac ductwork diy hvac repair new duct work design help hvac 1 jpg solving basement design problems seal new flex duct to new box with ties diy hvac furnace drain problem room home improvement forum diy hvac ductwork basement hvac install an air supply line and a cold air return soffits conceal ducts we provide ductwork hvac return air first of all this is the layout of my basement as you can see cur duct runs along right wall almost the length of the basement add a couple of support brackets best way to frame around ductwork ductwork example jpg frame quality issues basement finishing hot air is distributed through vents this image has been resized this bar to view the full image typical hvac duct layout designing basement hvac air duct design fresh air intake diy hvac diy hvac ductwork basement ductwork1 an extra space down below a finished basement and hvac systems ductwork boost the airflow attach takeoff to main supply line how to reduce or stop duct ing popping diy hvac diy hvac duct sizing imposing mechanical systems basement finishing pre planning checklist part i special duct wrap insulation keeps ducts dry and mold free diy hvac vs pro pic diy hvac recharge diy hvac how to reduce or stop duct ing popping