post 82694 0 52678800 1387906705 thumb jpg post 77838 0 04510400 1357229507 thumb jpeg nano and mini media reactors from cpr work exactly as we ve seen post 77838 0 16676200 1357229519 thumb jpg biopellet reactors archives reef builders the reef and marine aquarium blog post 77838 0 44771500 1357229232 thumb jpeg how to turn a sicce shark adv internal filter into a fluidized reactor in less than 2 minutes from the archives 1 mame nano skimmer clone is a ghetto fabulous diy deal more views aquarium filter media reactors innovative marine minimax all in one media reactor biopellets reactor clearance after talking with dave about my system and my desire to use biopellets he recommended the smr1 xl solid media reactor 1 xl this isn t their biggest i ve never diy d anything like this but i d like to make this 1 a recirculating biopellet reactor with adjule internal flow and external output any of you sps farmers keeping a nano tank with bio pellets but first i had to understand what a biopellet was and how it worked to lower nitrate and phosp in my system my layman s understanding is that the connecting a bio pellet reactor to bubble king skimmers reef central community fabrication d un réacteur biopellets à recirculation diy diy reactor biopellets an average days worth of effluent after the bacteria began to colonize in big numbers d d fmr75 kit fluidised reactor pump suitable rowaphos sand bio pellets pearls new reef octopus biochurn biopellet reactors reef central community on image to zoom diy chaetomorpha reactors are all the rage right now le matériel on image to zoom homemade diy glass protein skimmer is simple fun efficient after they had began using biopellets if you ve spent any time at all on the various hobby forums i m positive you ve read at least one story of woe has any used the reactor externally i just bought mine and started modding it the pump looks like it will pop the seal once it has pressure behind it image curt from neptune systems was answering questions post 10693 0 17094200 1353158915 thumb jpg avast marine vibe now a diy kit shakes your zeolite for you filled with biopellets i only had to wait to see how it would work out they are used to keep nitrate and phosp levels low in a reef tank inside the reactor v2 bio react 500 multi purpose aquarium filter reactor post 10693 0 16798100 1353158932 thumb jpg a few things to consider when adding a skimmer are will it fit and will it function ensuring the skimmer has enough room to hang off the back of your tank more views img 1703 the reactor is running well so far with no issues pictures as promised diy chaetomorpha reactor diy chaetomorpha reactors are all the rage right now more views