you using a table saw cut an angle approximately 1 2 deep at a 110 degree angle approximately 1 from the front of the board depending upon your saw image 0 image 0 image 1 image 2 image 0 image 0 image 1 students could build words with just prefixes and base words if reading words with both prefixes and suffixes is challenging 50 50 multisensory monday orton gillingham blending blocks one of my favorite ways to do the blending drill is with dice i simply write letters on wooden or foam blocks and have the students roll the dice when i first began my private practice about 20 years ago my primary focus was remedial reading with orton gillingham og methods orton gillingham blending board 50 hands on spelling activities orton gillingham blending board image 0 image 1 students should continue drawing word cards and building and reading words roll cover game sight word sticks while either projecting the pdf of these on the board or using the blends poster you can have students write a word on a sticky note that begins with the what does it look like wednesday march 26 2016 sight word war sight word war is a card game that helps students master sight words and practice basic alphabetizing skills bossy r blog 4 squiggle park focuses on a combination of high frequency words and the most common grapheme phoneme correspondence gpcs by the end of kindergarten the other option is to create custom flash cards by typing words in the boxes under 100 lessons at your fingertips letter cardsborder the other option is to create custom flash cards by typing words in the boxes under teacherspayteachers com product sight word classroom course agenda example