now pull your row cover across the rods center it widthwise and lengthwise on all sides you should have at least 6 of extra row cover lying on the you will need to scrunch the excess row cover at both ends of the tunnel gather the excess up in a few places along the tunnel end and hints row covers can help our vegetable gardens survive fall and winter weather all purpose garden fabric easy inexpensive diy row covers all purpose garden fabric and hoops image extend the season and keep pests out with floating row covers protect spinach plants with row covers a collage of photos showing diffe photos of floating row covers row covers for garden plants how to use floating row covers in the garden floating row cover garden cover luxury garden di garden cover beautiful welwyn garden when to use row covers how to build a low tunnel to protect plants from frost floating row covers woman kneeling in garden lifting cover over super hoops and growing vegetables for row covers protect plants summerweight row covers and hoops over broccoli row cover white garden fabric pulled over rows of veggies for row cover in commercial field lightweight fabric covers helps with garden pests diy hoop house row cover hoop house via diy hoop house kit low tunnel variation super dome protection tunnel overwintering guide with diy hoop houses and diy row covers featured image with potted plants floating row cover row covers floating row cover diy a floating row cover made with shear white cloth and pvc hoops a small hoop house covered in white garden cloth provides frost protection for chilly autumn and diy cold frames half covered too much sun if temperatures these little pieces of bent wire are just the things to hold down the edge of a pop up greenhouse or floating row cover or to tack down mark rows for planting corn garden hoops diy hoop house construction for growcover row cover fabric deluxe square post and signature series beds hoop tunnel kits critter barrier kits floating row cover kits super hoops imagine a bird just flying along and spotting below a dessert bar a long matted row of sweet juicy berries how to use row covers to extend your season season extension backyard eden here are more gardening tips for you raised bed hoops and row covers can help you protect crops from harsh growing conditions and winter cold second gardens are always better than first success with fabric row covers