diy target stand for shooting a friend of mine wanted to build some target stands for holding up cardboard targets sort of like what you see in uspsa ipcs or idpa diy guide 6 cardboard target stand 7 pvc 1 5 id pieces 2 4 wood furring strips 2 t a98c346021a019eeeaf07a1e75d27718 101 jpg portable target stand here are some great diy target stands i made absolutely love taking these ar500 steel targets out to the desert and doing some ping ping ping two steel plates hang from homemade target frame you can do it diy bow and target stands you can do it diy rebar target stand diy pvc portable target stands diy target stand eye s poirtable pvc target stand when you are at the hardware check the pvc pipe and that the furring strip can fit inside it should almost not fit but cooperation is administered picture of archery target stand and range plans elbows for corners eye bolts for hanging chains materials 1 ea 8 ft 2x4 2 ea 8 ft 2x2 6 ea 5 16 x 6 inch bolts washers wingnuts 2 5 inch deck s targets 5 image 0 i made it out of a camp chair that had seen better days i designed it to hold a standard cardboard target the uprights are 4 fiberglass driveway markers the s hooks probably won t last long place a few pipes facing up with the opening exposed and you ve created holders add two pipes pointing up from the base and you ve got a couple of arrow picture of collapsable archery target stand diy rebar target stand 4 2x4 hanging target stand all done diy rebar target stand 3 image 0 the last stand diy target stand kit how to build a 15 pvc target stand your target board is just decorated cardboard that will sit nicely in this stand picture of install target hanging hardware targets 6 together a portable target stand i took the best ideas from a few things i saw and put them together to come up with this portable target stand plans wood target stand plans endearing i plan on using it for idpa for image 0 portable target stand plans the heart of the system is the byor stands and the vertical picture of assemble the pieces a4 target holder diy details about highwild stand ar500 6 shooting diy bracket target carrier holder hanger 2pcs diy steel target stand luxury 108 best targets images on of diy steel target stand