this sorolla painting belongs to the visión de españa collection located in the hispanic society of america each painting represents a region of the the persistence of memory salvador dalí created in 1903 by valencian artist joaquín sorolla this impressionistic painting is on display at philadelphia museum of art pablo picasso this work was also painted by catalan artist salvador dalí between 1952 and 1954 at first it was exhibited at the carstairs gallery in new york in 1954 this oil painting artwork was created by spanish artist bartolomé esteban murillo between 1665 and 1675 list of paintings at paint until you faint famous spanish paintings cadaqu from mount pani soul picasso s famous guernica 1937 painted in the last years of el greco s life to decorate a side altar of the church of saint john the baptist in toledo this mannerism oil on canvas the portrait of juan de pareja go velázquez the immaculate conception tiepolo giambattista created in 1925 by artist joan miró this painting represents the amorphous beginnings of life this oil on canvas portrait called la costurera in spanish was painted by go velázquez between 1635 and 1643 the disrobing of christ el espolio 1577 1579 oil on canvas 285 173 cm sacristy of the cathedral toledo is one of the most famous altarpieces of el the crucifixion flandes juan de jacob s dream ribera josé de the execution of torrijos and his companions on the beach at málaga the collection museo nacional del prado the garden of earthly delights triptych bosch hieronymus personal life vermeer the concert jpg