ultimate girls valentine s party glitter champagne diy diy sparkly bottles diy glitter champagne bottles glitter mini champagne bottles for party or wedding learn how to glitter champagne bottles and now that i ve done all that let s make some new and improved pretty here s all you ll need diy glitter champagne bottles vicky barone allow the mod podge to dry and your diy glitter bottle of champagne is ready to use the best glue and sealer for glittering bottles of wine and champagne diy sparkly bottle materials here are a few tips i learned along the way first make sure you have a nice open space to do this preferable cover with newspaper or something because if diy glitter champagne flutes virginia wedding duhon photography step 5 now repeat spraying sections with a tiny overlap as you continue to shake your progressive shades all over that bottle learn how to glitter champagne and wine bottles the best way ever to gift bubbly diy glitter champagne gift gift ideas diy glitter champagne bottles and a valentine s date in a basket the nerd s wife the best way ever to gift bubbly diy glitter champagne glittery champagne bottle easy homemade gift diy clubchicacircle take a k at these darling shots by the newly blonde haley sheffield do they look familiar those flutes and stirrers were crafted to perfection by my super pretty glittered bon affair bottles perfect for the morning of your wedding the best way ever to gift bubbly diy glitter champagne diy glitter champagne bottles prep soak bottles in warm soapy water 10 minutes should do it diy glitter champagne bottle and flutes this lil guy will hang out underneath a blanket of glitter keeping a nice smooth surface for the final sticker that goes on post glitter and pre setting spray paint the mini champagne bottles gold glittered champagne bottle for new years gift idea diy glitter champagne the best gift decor idea ever hustleandhalcyon image courtesy of bottle your brand learn how to glitter champagne bottles how to glitter a champagne bottle this is probably one of my favorite diy s i ve ever done and for good reason it s all about glitter simple glitter covered champagne bottle what a fun and easy way to wrap i found champagne bottles that were solid gold wrappers at the top without any writing on them kinda a tricky task i then spray painted the bottle wow i love how they turned out the first step is painting your bottle and by painting i mean covering it in glue i found it easier to just squeeze the glue directly onto the bottle glitter champagne bottles learn how to glitter champagne bottles she makes a stunning new year s eve decoration with glitter and a champagne bottle