list of works edit painting of man holding a pitch fork and a woman grant wood grant wood s appraisal 1931 figge art museum successors to the estate of nan wood graham licensed by vaga new york ny stone city grant wood spring in town 1941 whitney museum of american art grant wood parson weems fable 1939 oil on canvas 38 3 8 x 50 1 8 in 97 5 x 127 3 cm amon carter museum of american art fort worth texas 1970 43 it s about time 1930s america s great depression regional artist grant wood 1891 1942 sketch of fall plowing judd tully art critic and journalist january grant wood oil painting great art from art authority for ipad young corn by wood grant grant wood paintings grant wood 1891 1942 9 grant wood grant wood breaking the prairie sod mural by grant wood grant wood arbor day 1932 image used on iowa 2004 us quarter dollar coin boston museum of fine art young corn 1931 grant wood a contemporary botero recalls grant wood and jan van eyck wood took aim at the daughters of the american revolution american gothic high by steve simpson new road the midnight ride of paul revere the before his return to iowa wood created an impressionist influenced scene of rural france in truck garden moret painted in 1924 art figge art museum the birthplace of herbert hoover grant wood wikipaintings org the cedar rapids museum of art houses the largest collection of grant wood s work although not all of it is on display the museum is not large 1940 grant wood american regionalist artist 1891 1942 february 1991 2 2 m1 2016 jpg sultry night painting approaching storm or ending up in a car chase in a lichtenstein in on the ridge road 1935 the first painting in which grant introduced the automobile mayhem overshadows a rural idyll williams college museum of daughters of revolution grant wood grant wood farm landscapes grant wood american gothic 1930 iowa home one of the most recognizable woman with plants grant wood 1929 i started my grant wood tour on thursday with two main goals visit the bless america sculpture inspired by wood s famous american gothic painting at grant wood s sultry night 1939 figge art museum successors to the estate of nan wood graham licensed by vaga new york ny 1929 portrait of frances fiske marshall oil on canvas 102 9 x 72 4 cm cedar rapids museum of art iowa dinner for threshers grant wood grant wood painting originals for