how to get rid of leather jackets lawn damaged by pests caption leatherjackets cause dead patches in lawns 2 have you or your neighbours lawns suffered from leatherjackets crane fly or daddy long legs larvae or chafer grubs may bug larvae are you concerned a lawn devasted by leatherjackets badgerdamage i discovered this on you which shows exactly what a fire ant nest looks like although this was ed in the usa i imagine that it is between september november if you notice lots of daddy long legs on your lawn please contact luxury lawns who can schedule a preventative treatment other measures which can be taken include covering the lawn with polythene over night to encourage leatherjackets to the surface leatherjackets are the soil dwelling larvae of the flies commonly known as daddy longlegs daddy longlegs appear towards the end of august and lay their lawn pest damage in lawn grubs how can i stop the blackbirds turning my lawn into scrubland lol ive scarified and put leatherjacket destroyer down and yet still they dig it up red thread warmer days we will also start seeing the emergence of pests that can wreak havoc with your neat lawn the two most common lawn pests are leatherjackets a lawn devasted by leatherjackets the very start of the recovery of a lawn in eastbourne east sus being treated because further recovery of a lawn in eastbourne east sus being treated to control leatherjackets and chafer brown or yellow lawn patches how to identify and get rid of common lawn pests 4ae73c28 f7af 4d32 9549 a00a514122c1 jpeg how to look after your lawn this autumn leatherjackets guardian nematode lawn guardian for leatherjacket cranefly the home depot canada nemasysleatherj500sqm jpg leatherjacket2018 2 jpg every year regulatory change seems to remove a or two from the market and this year is no diffe and in the summer of 2018 we will lose the last i then overseeded and top dressed the lawn and continued to water the last after picture was taken just over a couple of weeks later on the 16th of june leatherjacket grub acpygh jpg a typical lawn pest leatherjacket i am curly testing a new which seems to be doing the trick i have a few people testing it for me and if it works i will post details here chafer grubs their lifecycle and when to treat them with nematodes here you can see that the rust is causing the leaves to look yellow and unsightly weed weed caption biological control is an effective way of dealing with leatherjackets barbour vintage international leather jacket chafer grub lifecycle chafer grub treatment chafer grub treatment lawn tips news advice from our expert greenkeepers