how to clean vinyl floors mop older vinyl flooring however need waxing after washing with warm water and mild detergent most modern vinyl flooring are no wax types and require a clean the vinyl flooring with mild detergent or soft soap but do not use harsh abrasive powders varnish or oil based products use a mop after every two days to clean your vinyl flooring a damp mop will help to remove the dirt and brighten up your floor but don t overuse the mop photo pergo vinyl floor in brown chalet pine timplex1 what is pergo vinyl flooring vinyl flooring pros cons how to clean concrete screed stone wood and other types of flooring vinyl flooring quick step clean strip 01 01 vinyl flooring cleaner 5 common questions on how to clean and maintain luxury vinyl flooring vinyl moreover wood flooring and laminate flooring which has been around in the singapore flooring this image has been resized to view original image wood flooring singapore floorcube vinyl flooring tiling singapore good deals come in a pair our portfolio vinyl flooring singapore vinyl flooring goodhill singapore door flooring decking in singapore balcony planter box decking greater china this image has been resized to view original image marble floor polish marble design 2 esd vinyl flooring painting pipeline vinyl floors silling petition kitchen cabbet cleaning house door bathroom vinyl flooring singapore life warranty 5mm vinyl flooring german made healthy food starts with a clean cooking space vinyl parquet marble floor maintenance specialists carpet cleaning singapore clean oil from concrete sunrise an example of vinyl flooring vinyl tiles overlay decking luxury vinyl flooring firmfit lurf breeze of ease vinyl tiles in wood pattern loosely lay 5mm thick laminate vinyl flooring working with singapore nature wood which have supply europe with laminate flooring with german technology we are please to quick view singapore engineered wood flooring classico clic 2 vinyl plank quality vinyl flooring singapore wood flooring power dekor s pte ltd