i m trying to learn digital painting here s my first attempt so here s an elf been trying to learn digital art and was inspired by some of you guys so i drew earl still learning but it came out better than i expected completei i m trying to learn digital painting so i ve been practicing on npc s i hope you guys like it art art digitalart feedbacktrying manga spoilerstrying to learn digital painting learn art reddit community reddit gets drawn subreddit reddit r concept art while reading fulgrim i was inspired to make a digital painting still pretty new to this medium and a lot to learn but pretty happy with it learn concept art reddit sketch daily subreddit art crit reddit subreddit adorable art reddit true pixel art subreddit we will be covering important concepts and giving you tips and take aways that you can start applying to your own paintings right away imaginary network paintings reddit community recently one reddit user shared a picture of his mother holding her painting learn to draw subreddit ilrator tutorial vector face art using pen tool sd art the reddit page where streetwear brands are born til 30 interesting facts about reddit background art animation subreddit reddit s best worst painter turns comment threads into art learn how to add badge on your blog tags digital art so i did my 21 days every single day a new master study here are some of the stus i did during that time art habit building learning immerse yourself in natural media that mimics reality istock 15 steps to being a better digital artist the best subreddits you aren t already subscribed to artists lounge subreddit