most amazing cave paintings top 10 most amazing cave paintings in the world credit of image by bernard gagnon own work wikimedia cc by sa 3 0 cave paintings in india credit of image by artur warchav own work wikimedia cc by sa 3 0 the cave paintings in world a journey to the oldest cave paintings in the world chauvet cave ard├Ęche france dated to 30 000 to 28 000 b c once thought to house the oldest representational art the more than 1 000 paintings of kakadu rock art as of late 2016 some aboriginal art rock paintings are looking like they will be dated and proven to be the oldest art by human beings in the history of the kimberley rock art 7 oldest cave paintings in the world c fritz mc magura cave painting scientists don t know how old this painting of an emu like bird in arnhem land is source abc news x ray style rock art painting panel of hands at castillo cave paintings a view taken on june 13 2016 shows paintings of animal figures on the rock ancient cave paintings turn out to be by neanderthals not modern humans chauvet cave panel ajanta cave paintings introduction ancient and meval indian cave paintings encyclopedia a frieze of horses and rhinos near the chauvet cave s megaloceros gallery where artists may have gathered to make charcoal for drawing photo credit subarcticmike easy painted rocks an indonesian archaeologist examines art inside leang timpuseng justin mott a drawing of a bison in the chauvet cave rock art mandala stones elspeth mclean canada 19 san rock art how to paint rocks in watercolor watercolor artist and artists network over 40 of the best rock painting ideas deep in the mountains of central baja are some of the world s most beautiful prehistoric rock art paintings the united nations has ranked this world how to make galaxy painted rocks these mammals adorning the walls of the chauvet pont d arc cave france were painted 36 000 years ago