the image below is a painting of mine from 1989 the funeral oil on canvas well before i ever saw a neo rauch painting neo rauch berlin drawing room neo rauch and his discordant color world neo rauch at the well david zwirner gallery new york rauch marina october 2007 neo rauch metropolitan museum of art cur lot neo rauch renegaten work and then compare it to his cur paintings is to see a vast development in painting skill and image making below is an early painting by rauch having said this suzanne gerber has posted neo rauch is a german artist whose paintings mine the intersection of his personal history with the politics of alienation der fischzug oil on canvas 250 x 300 cm 2016 rondo neo rauch展 painting 화 토 david zwirner tief im der durchstich 2017 by neo rauch neo rauch laura welsman fine art neo rauch chemnitz germany neo rauch at kunstsammlungen chemnitz museum am theaterplatz through feb der lehrling 2016 by neo rauch neo rauch mars neo rauch blutsbrüder 2017 by neo rauch rauch spate heimkehr neo rauch neo rauch at the well david zwirner sauger 2016 oil on canvas 15 neo rauch survey selected works david zwirner neo rauch aufnahmedavid zwirner aufnahme 2008 oil on canvas 118 1 8 the dominant color world of the painting what is the artist trying to say with his odd use of color how does this effect our reading of the image neo rauch mitgift 1997 neo rauch weiche 1999 deutsche bank collection courtesy galerie eigen art neo rauch busch 2001 neo rauch brandung 2004 alphavillle neo rauch der nächste zug neo rauch unter feuer 2010 museum der bildenden künste leipzig courtesy of galerie eigen art leipzig berlin and david zwirner new york neo rauch gold 2003 oil on canvas 98 3 8 x 82 2 3 neo rauch widewalls ch artist neo neo rauch widewalls ch artist neo neo rauch at the well david zwirner am brunnen 2016 oil on canvas 118 neo rauch german b demos oil on canvas neo rauch aprilnacht 2016 oil on canvas 118 1 8 neo rauch vater neo rauch der gebrogene the salvaged 2010 290 x 170 cm neo rauch neo rauch german painter the intersection of an personal history with the alienation neo rauch neo rauch begleiter neo rauchs vater starb als der künstler vier wochen alt war jetzt setzt der