the best digital photo frame there s no internal storage here but the frame can play pictures from any sd card or usb stick going through pictures either in order or at random or best digital photo frame 2018 show off your favourite photos expert reviews as i mentioned in the opening paragraph of this review i ve reviewed at least a dozen digital photo frames in the last 2 decades but the nixplay is the the front of the display is totally flat but the back of the device is curved with a textured soft touch design this incorporates the physical control nix advance x08e 8 inch digital photo frame review nix 8 inch digital photo frame review great digital photo frame nixplay iris colours best digital photo frame nixplay seed 8 inch wifi digital photo frame review a digital photo frame is only as good as the display quality right well there s nothing to worry about with the nixplay because the glossy led backlit review of nix advance hi res digital photo frame nix advance hi res digital photo frame in the use nixplay iris wi fi photo frame review display your photos from the cloud tech advisor actually there are a few other ways to display your favorite pictures on the nixplay frame if you re willing to spend a little extra then the nixplay seed is a fantastic digital picture frame it offers a 10 inch screen and has a features list the next important thing to note about the lux is that unlike some rivals this has no wi fi or cloud features at all so it will only play images from a courtesy of com nixplay original 15 inch wifi cloud digital photo frame crystal clear crystal clear nix x12d digital picture frame review best digital photo frame we ve tested out the 8in nix advance model but beyond screen size the specs and features are fundamentally the same across every model so most of this plug play high resolution picture frames enjoy the show enjoy the show ultimate playback experience nix advance frames nixplay w18a 18 5 inch digital photo frame nixplay seed 10 digital frame has me enjoying my photos again review loading your images and s into the frame nixplay seed wi fi cloud frame review nix advance 10 inch widescreen digital photo hd frame dimensions 10 2 x 1 x 6 7 259 08 x 25 4 x 170 18 mm weight 480 81 g 1 06 lb 16 96 oz here for the latest review nix advance 10 inch widescreen digital photo hd 720p frame review several years digital photo frames were a popular gift idea i reviewed at least a dozen of them until their popularity grew stale micca neo 15 inch digital photo frame with 8 gb storage nixplay seed wave 13 3 bluetooth digital photo frame review nix advance digital photoframe review for example if you load an al of photos from instagram or google photos like i did you can remove images that you don t want to see or disable the