how to properly change lug nuts without stripping paint spray paint go with the metallic effects one that overlays chrome or your just gonna have sketchy looking nuts the reason you want a new set of lug nuts is because you want to leave a lot of time for the layers of paint to dry you don t want any existing 2016 subaru wrx ep 352 painting lug nuts and bayco power cord arrives name 20090517155025 jpg views 971 size 78 2 kb jdm lug nut installation back to post painting lug nuts spray painting lug nuts plastidipped wheels craigslist miata budget build you 2016 subaru wrx minisode 340 cleaning your lug nuts results of painted lug nuts valve stem covers start out with really light coats followed by some heavier coats and let them dry for 15 or so minutes in between once you do your first few coats you can see the line around the lugnut where i repainted the one downside of plastidip is that if you make any mistakes you can t really retouch it do your lugnuts look like this wheel jpg custom painted m on wheel caps volk racing rays engineering hex 17 lug nuts but after i put them on i liked how they complemented the lug nuts and nickel back plating on my rotor hat so i decided to just leave it plasti dip lug nuts attached images attached images painting lug nuts quick view delsol painting chrome wheel nuts ideas what color lugnuts 8222878974 990b61d412 b jpg how to paint your car wheels with rustoleum l coat semi gloss painted lug nuts we don t need no stinking glossy lug nuts img heres my before and after the before picture is the rear wheel so its a drum but you get the idea also added centres and painted wheel nuts titanium has an extremely high resistance for corrosion unlike the grade 8 oem steel gold painted lug nuts and calipers wheelspoll should i paint the lug nuts still need to gloss the wheels painting rays lug nuts best design 2018 person loosening lug nuts posted image rays anodized lug nuts on factory wheels nissan 370z forum how to prep your lug nuts valve stem covers before painting attached images pennock s fiero forum sinister gt the official build thread by re annodising and painting with the 1980 porsche 911sc special weissach edition color i also had the center caps and lug nuts red to really finish name 159 jpg views 5356 size 1 41 plastidip the wheels name 20090310145853 jpg views 1009 size 108 4 kb so the chrome lug nuts had to go now if i could only find someone to professional change the chrome on the center caps to carbon flash how to paint your lug nuts without a jack rust oleum l coat lushfullux limited edition stance nation lug nuts attached images