painting a could on a wall peterdoig venice2016 25 copy p1180963 peter doig red house 1995 1996 photo courtesy of phillips from there i continued to add to the theme very much influenced by the colours mystery and ambiguity of peter doig s paintings peterdoig painting a cloud on a wall 2016 venicebiennale sk contemplating culture 1985 courtesy michael werner gallery london peter doig lunker left peter doig red boat imaginary boys 2004 via peterdoig doig completed his stus in london during the early 1990s while the city s art scene was dominated by the generation that would later be known as the peter doig orange sunshine tag archives peter doig skis peter doig echo lake saatchi art artist stefan kibellus painting portrait peter doig art peter doig s latest exhibition opens this week peter doig grasper peter doig gasthof zur muldentalsperre peter doig peter doig beach bath towel 2010 daytime astronomy 1997 98 200x280cm oil on canvas private collection peter doig all peter doig billy childish art doig is a virtuoso of the unpredictable his paintings usually begin with an idea and years can elapse before completion peter doig ski jacket michael werner gallery new york peter doig 7 peter doig okahumkee some other people s blues 1990 oil on canvas peter doig with painting detail grande riviere 2001 02 solo traveller peter doig red man sings calypso 2017 lot 31 peter doig canoe lake 1997 oil on canvas 200 x 300cm original size at 1600 1201 a peter doig interview painting by charlie spear peter doig swamped 1990 photo christie s peter doig untitled peter doig and chris ofili untitled 2000 oil on canvas 16ΒΌ x 12 courtesy of peter doig and chris ofili afroco fisherman peter doig weng contemporary i like the symplicity of the cllours and lines peter doig british b peter doig imaginary boys 2004 2016 peter doig michael werner gallery artsy peter doig night studio studio racquet club