the lion panel in the grotte chauvet pont d arc chauvet cave ardèche france dated to 30 000 to 28 000 b c once thought to house the oldest representational art the more than 1 000 paintings of the works have been recreated using traditional methods french ministry of culture vallon pont d arc cave art in the ardeche afp file henri cosquer cave art paintings france panel of the black horses discovered in 1985 by diver henri cosquer why the new stone age cave paintings in france are a must see chauvet cave art paintings lascaux cave sculptured bison s head from roc aux sorciers cave paintings southern france cave painting southern france photograph ted bobosh cave red hand stencil from the chauvet cave spotted horses in cave art weren t just a figment dna shows aurignacian era paintings from chauvet cave southern france dated to more than 30 000 years ago rhinos claude valette lascaux cave paintings a frieze of horses and rhinos near the chauvet cave s megaloceros gallery where artists may have gathered to make charcoal for drawing lascaux 2 although visitors to lascaux iv in the vézère valley are well aware that it is a reion an overwhelming sense of history and mystery floods across cave paintings may have been created simply for art s sake replica of the painting from the chauvet cave in the anthropos museum brno stencils like these in the cave of fingers were made by placing the palm against the rock and blowing mouthfuls of paint over it justin mott wild france lascaux ancient art in the altai mountains russia while the world s best known cave art exists in france and spain examples of it abound throughout the world prehistoric cave paintings discovered at the high altitude site in france 2 133 metres 6 890 ft above sea level in december 1994 three explorers made a surprising discovery in southern france a rumble of stones blocking the entrance to a spectacular cave mesmerizing prehistoric cave paintings magura cave unearthed cave painting of wooly mammoth saber tooth tiger reveals humans have debated what things would win in a fight since 30 000 b c lascaux france bull bison deep in the cave bison at altamira ancient european bison in the cave chauvet cave art paintings france prehistoric cave paintings