french president francois hollande visits lascaux 4 a new replica of the prehistoric paintings of lascaux 2 why the new stone age cave paintings in france are a must see lascaux lascaux caves is the setting of a complex of caves in the dordogne region of southwestern france famous for its paleolithic cave paintings great hall of the bulls 15 000 13 000 bce paleolithic rock painting lascaux unique lascaux cave paintings exhibition opens at sci bono in may lascaux cave paintings teens stumble upon ancient cave paintings in lascaux france 1940 this day in history english the free dictionary age forums although visitors to lascaux iv in the vézère valley are well aware that it is a reion an overwhelming sense of history and mystery floods across a true to life replica of the renowned lascaux s stone age cave with its paleolithic paintings in montignac southwestern france afp by pascale mollard hall of the bulls at lascaux akg glasshouse images the lion panel in the grotte chauvet pont d arc lascaux 15000 13000bc02 lascaux hall of bulls detail from one of the paintings lascaux cave spotted horses in cave art weren t just a figment dna shows cave drawings france 167265 20 most fascinating prehistoric cave paintings stock photo prehistoric cave painting lascaux france images préhistoriques still 1955 arcady et rowe cave painting lascaux france 15000 10000 bc cave art cave paintings lascaux france 15000 bc discovered in the late 19th century the altamira cave in northern spain was the first cave in which prehistoric paintings were discovered only a handful of people can enter the chauvet cave each year our reporter was one of them arts culture smithsonian lascaux france prehistoric cave paintings 16 000 b c french president francois hollande visits lascaux 4 a new replica of the prehistoric paintings of prehistoric humans drew paintings of aurochs on cave walls in lascaux france about 17 000 years ago now scientists are trying to resurrect the extinct also the chauvet cave chinese horses france 5 unique art tours 2538x1493 cave paintings â lascaux france the startled iguana 1 3lascaux