qi baishi paintings worth mafiaa in 2016 alone there were 5 600 works for all attributed to qi baishi towering pine and cypress painting with four character line couplet in seal script created by qi baishi in 1945 was sold for 425 5 million yuan at china tie guai yi detail by qi baishi sold for 1 2 million most expensive chinese painting qi baishi ink brush artwork s for record 144m painting depicting qi baishi home chinese silk qi baishi watercolor flower ink morning glory feng s art wall picture damask chinese artist qi baishi joins the 100 million club free art and antiques valuation service ivaluer chinese silk watercolor ink qi baishi prawn shrimp original feng s art wall picture damask framed painted by qi baishi 齊白石 china museum chinese art galleries gourds qi baishi 齊白石 1864 1957 was an influential chinese painter chinese silk watercolor qi baishi ink flower lotus leaf print feng s art wall picture damask qi baishi qi baishi s 12 animal zodiac paintings shrimps by qi baishi a woman looks at a painting entitled 39 tiger 39 by qi baishi twelve landscape screens 1926 chinese qi baishi decoration red plum flower ink calligraphy wall art pictures erfly canvas painting living exquisite antique style chinese painting shrimp made by famous painter qi baishi in painting calligraphy from home garden on aliexpress com alibaba chinese style qi baishi decoration flower trees mantis wall art pictures insect erfly canvas painting living antique calligraphy and painting chudo of qi baishi pisces eight shrimps by qi baishi the set a new global record for chinese artworks sold at auction and it also made qi the first chinese artist whose work has been sold for more than in may 2016 a painting attributed to him eagle standing on a pine tree won a bid of 64 5 million the highest on record for any chinese art painted by qi baishi 齊白石 china museum chinese art galleries elaborate antique chinese artificial painting shrimp by qi baishi 8 齊白石 農家樂 qi baishi the ink wash paintings depict scenery from across china photo cna the carved brush an exhibition of watercolor paintings by qi baishi antique painting traditional chinese qi baishi sailing painting scroll painting old paper painting i felt like a kid in a candy having the opportunity to handle exquisite and rare ming and qing porcelains like this imperial washbasin which sold for bid view images and see past s for april asian antiques auction invaluable is the world s largest marketplace of items at auction chinese book qi baishi al of insects painting master brush ink art valuable qi baishi art craft displayed qi baishi 齊白石 1864 1957 was one of the most well protein squirrel and cherries 1944 by qi baishi ink and wash painting 齊白石 qi baishi 玉堂富貴 lot 680