the tub existed in the house when we bought it last october saay will be our 1 year house iversary but it was a pretty sad existence as evidenced our first step was to sand it down mostly just to get all of the already flaking paint off so we could have a relatively smooth surface to paint wait for paint to begin bubbling up you probably spotted some of our contenders a few photos up we considered a whole range of colors for the outside of the tub but we landed on riverway by carefully dispose of water run off so a few weeks later once the plumber had moved the tub back into the bathroom we arrived in cape charles armed with an array of cleaners ready to show apply light coats of final paint coat before after bathtub refinishing tile reglazing sinks refinished clawfoot tub for after a wipe down with a clean towel we were ready to prime based on a deep and meaningful conversation with the pro at our local paint desk clawfoot bathtub refinishing restoration in san go pour finish coat mixture into spray reservoir after the first couple of coats it wasn t looking too promising but after the top two coats none of the original paint was visible at all clawfoot bathtub refinishing how much does it cost to refinish a clawfoot tub picture claw foot tubs this feels like a good moment for a before and after again this is all from just cleaning no actual refinishing or reglazing went on with the inside refinish interior of clawfoot bathtub claw foot tub refinishing clawfoot tub 1986x1450 cast iron clawfoot foot feet custom refinishing of clawfoot bathtub we did this whole process out in the garage the bottle says safe for indoor use but i m skeptical of a that removes paint clawfoot bathtub refinishing antique clawfoot tub cleaning old cast iron bathtub ideas antique clawfoot bathtub refinishing clawfoot bathtub exterior refinishing a clawfoot bathtub clawfoot bathtub refinishing elegant 49 lovely refinish shower pan clawfoot bathtub refinishing marlton nj clawfoot bathtub refinishing gallery clawfoot tubs before and after refinish cast iron bathtub bathtub refinishing refinish cast iron clawfoot bathtub color mach we snagged this little gem on craigslist for 275 painted flowers included claw foot bathtub refinishing in tricities tn clawfoot tub refinishing nashville after cost to refinish clawfoot tub large bathroom with a tub required additional masking to protect the room claw foot bath tub black claw foot tub clawfoot bathtub refinishing kit clawfoot bathtub refinishing best of funky new tub over old tub motif bathroom with bathtub ideas refinish clawfoot porcelain tub painted clawfoot tub refinish refurbished clawfoot tub cheviot regal double ended bathtub refinishing cost to refinish clawfoot tub tub refinishing cost to refinish clawfoot brown clawfoot bathtub clawfoot bathtub for cast n tubs at home depot tub for bathtub clawfoot bathtub clawfoot bathtub image of how to select clawfoot tubs well within clawfoot tub refinishing affordable clawfoot tub