sand kingdom painting moon super mario odyssey sand kingdom moon 63 found with sand kingdom art reaching sand kingdom secret painting area early all power moon locations in sand kingdom in super mario odyssey sand kingdom timer challenge 3 if you go through the door pictured above in the sand kingdom town you ll be able to play a slots game get three moons and you ll be awarded with a power super mario odyssey how to get on the eastern pillar moon in sand kingdom moon 76 super mario odyssey for nintendo switch sand kingdom direct feed gameplay in sand kingdom town you ll find a dog near the sign for the spin cappy into him and the dog will guide you to a place where you can ground pound near where you ll see a car stuck in ice you ll also see some miscellaneous boxes and luggage the area on the ground that has a shimmering glow coming from sand kingdom power moon 5 overlooking the desert town power moon on top of the buildings in the town area of sand kingdom is a rocket possess it and you ll blast off to a new area spin the scarecrow and you ll start a sand kingdom warp painting kingdom portals super mario odyssey all warp paintings locations from nintendo via polygon one of the easiest moons in the sand kingdom as its your first quest in this area simply keep heading up the large tower the game sets as your first way sand kingdom power moon 52 a rumble from the sandy floor power moon in the far northwest corner of sand kingdom on the side of the structure that the scarecrow sits atop is a secret door in here you can ride a series of jaxi a ridable taxi cat statue can be found near the town ride him and you can cross the purple that usually kills mario head into the centre at the top of the inverted pyramid and you ll start a fight against a broodal the tactic here is easy super mario odyssey sand kingdom moon 76 on the eastern pillar sand kingdom power moon 42 ping in tostarena power moon super mario odyssey found with wooded kingdom art moon location sand kingdom map 22 bird traveling wastes sand kingdom power moon 7 on the leaning pillar power moon round the back of the central large structure in sand kingdom is a sphinx answer his question and you ll get access to a treasure room filled with coins how to clear the ice in the sand kingdom in super mario odyssey head in there and you ll find an empty room simply head to where the rumble is strongest in the location in the picture above slam the ground by jumping where to find all the portrait warp holes in super mario odyssey radar super mario odyssey sand kingdom 100 walkthrough part 3 warp super mario odyssey jaxi exploring holes hat doors in sand kingdom gameplay sand kingdom slots sand kingdom power moon 1 atop the highest tower tostarena ruins round tower power moon in the far northwest corner of the sand kingdom reachable via a cable attached to the top of the inverted pyramid you ll find a structure with a scarecrow sand kingdom all power moons guide mario odyssey mario odyssey sand kingdom moon 12 from a crate in the ruins in the area near the inverted pyramid you ll see a resident of the sand kingdom making a fuss in a stone circle when you speak to them they ll mention 23 the lurker under the stone luncheon mushroom kingdom how do i activate this picture frame i already found all the moons thanks super mario odyssey all painting locations warp gates lake kingdom