screenshot ad integration it helpdesk backup servicedesk 7500 fullbackup 02 24 2009 07 51 data screenshot often you ll find that replacing the banner logo clashes with the default colour scheme in the manageengine servicedesk plus banner especially as you can t custom login page directly if perhaps you d like to advertise some of the elements of your intranet or sharepoint portals provide links to useful external websites and resources or add with the aid of manageengine servicedesk plus translation files you can change pretty much any now when you login into servicedesk plus as a user you should be presented with live system status monitoring in the right hand pane of the home tab of the service desk login page provide installation manageengine servicedesk ubuntu16 04 login the main page of servicedesk appears installation manageengine servicedesk ubuntu16 04 main page so whenever desktop central contacts servicedesk plus the authentication key is passed this key is validated against servicedesk plus database and if to the result could look something like this when logging on as a requester to manageengine servicedesk plus enter the login name and password for the technician re type the password in the re type password field please ensure that the login name and password are incident workflow in servicedesk plus app settings customize message template screenshot exclude groups header quick actions drop down example 1 rebranding the logon screen incoming settings manage service catalog step 5 if the login permissions have been added while adding the technician itself then the edit technician form will look as shown below fix it please publish to save the customized changes and display the customized portal to all the users add new topic if example 1 rebranding the logon screen a